Nail Care 101- How to get long strong healthy nails!

Trying so hard to grow my nails out naturally again!!!! As everyone knows I’m a huge fan of acrylics due to the fact I literally paint my nails almost everyday and using harsh removers can really wear your nails down! Thank god for Onyx Professional Nail Strengthening Cream!!!

Most women think they are taking care of their nails by having them perfectly polished! Well the truth of the matter is it takes so much more than that to keep your nails healthy!

For one to understand how to keep their nails healthy and how nails are indicators of bad health you also need to know what nails encompass. Nails are essentially made of layers of protein called KERATIN; this protein is also found in our skin and hair.

We have the cuticle which is the tissue that covers the bottom of the nail to protect the freshly formed keratin as the nail grows.

The nail plate is the part of the nail that you can see

The lunala is the white half moon seen at the base of the nail

The nail bed which is the skin that is covered by the nail

Then the nail folds which is the skin around the nails

First, are your nails healthy looking? Are they strong? Do they have an unusual color or shape?  Changes in nail shape? Do you nails thin or thicken?  Do you get bleeding around the nails, swelling or pain around the nails? Do you see pits, ridges, spots, dents or fissures on them?

Ridges are not harmless, they run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail; however they become notable as one ages. Then there are the white spots, these always wear out as the nail grows. Healthy nails are meant to be uniform in color, free of spots and smooth.

You can never easily see the infections on your nail that is why it is advisable to visit a dermatologist in case of any irregularities because some of these nail conditions are not normal.

As a nail technician I have tested several different products to help my nails become stronger and longer. Onyx Professional Nail Strengthening Cream is above all the best! I use it not only on my nails but on my hands and skin as well. It really helps moisturize and give my hands and nails the vitamins they need to stay strong and healthy.

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