Would you spend $50 on a bottle of nail polish??????

As we all know designer Christian Louboutin is most famous for his line of designer stilettos with the bright red sole.

The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago.” –Christian Louboutin

It makes sense why he has decided to enter the beauty world. Check out his collection available on Sephora! Buy Now!

Christian, Louboutin, Stiletto, Shoes, Nails, Polish, Nailpolish, OnyxBrands

Twenty years ago, a spontaneous stroke of stunning rouge lacquer provided the finishing touch on a stiletto pump.








Would you spend $50 on nail polish? Comment below for your chance to win a RED 2-n-1 Nail Art Pen by Nail Graffiti!


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