Neon No-Dye Easter Eggs

Neon No-Dye Easter Eggs


Easter-Egg-Decoration-No-Dye-Egg-Art-Onyx-Brands-Nail-Graffiti-Nails-Polish-NOTD-Spring-Eater-2014-5 Easter-Egg-Decoration-No-Dye-Egg-Art-Onyx-Brands-Nail-Graffiti-Nails-Polish-NOTD-Spring-Eater-2014-4 Easter-Egg-Decoration-No-Dye-Egg-Art-Onyx-Brands-Nail-Graffiti-Nails-Polish-NOTD-Spring-Eater-2014-3 Easter-Egg-Decoration-No-Dye-Egg-Art-Onyx-Brands-Nail-Graffiti-Nails-Polish-NOTD-Spring-Eater-2014-2


Decorate your eggs with nail polish & glitter!

Simply draw any design on the eggs with a Nail Graffiti 3-n-1 nail art pen then just add glitter!


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