New Nail Art Line To Hit Walmart Stores In January!!!!!

Onyx Brands, makers of Onyx Professional, Hoof, California Nails and Bella Kiss, is releasing a brand new product line called Nail Graffiti. The first collection is the tween collection, which is set to be released in Walmart stores early January. The tween collection features thirty unique, high-quality, nail art products to bring out any girls uniqueness in the comfort of your own home.

Here is one of my favorite products in the tween collection!

Nail Graffiti Nail Transfer Kit- Put any image you can imagine on your nails in just seconds!!!
Here is a short photo tutorial I did in honor of Nail it! Magazine and Movember!



Step 1: Apply base coat to nails, allow to dry completely.


Step 2: Cut a piece of desired pattern large enough to cover entire nail.


Step 3: Apply transfer solution to printed side of pattern. Apply transfer solution to desired nail and place pattern print side down above base coat. Coat the back side of the pattern with another layer of the transfer solution. Press firmly against entire nail area for 15-20 seconds.



Step 4: Remove pattern from nail and image will transfer to nail surface. Once nails is completely dry apply another coat of transfer solution to the nail to make sure all the paper residue is completely off. Apply top coat to nail to secure image.


Does this new nail brand spark your interest?


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