Glam Halloween Nails- Orange & Black Diamonds


Last year, I did the typical white with black spider webs for Halloween and I loved it. This year I wanted my Halloween nails to be a bit more specific. We are about to launch a new nail line called Nail Graffiti in Walmart stores January of 2014, I decided to use a few of our 3-n-1 Nail art pens. I used the Black and Orange with black square jewels and white rhinestones. The cool thing about the 3-n-1 pens is that its a nail art pen, nail polish and contains nail art jewels and its all in one pen! I love this manicure. It’s festive, but glam and relatively easy if you have a little patience. Its as simple as painting your nails and just adding the fun black jewels. The nail art pens are affordable and have tons of options for Halloween and everyday looks!

What You’ll Need…

* Dark nail polish. I used Black by Nail Graffiti {I love this shade. It’s so flattering against so many skin tone}
* Orange Shimmer by Nail Graffiti
* Black Nail Jewels (Included in 3-n-1 Nail art Pen by Nail Graffiti)
* Mini Birch wood stick or Tweezers




* Give your nails two coats of your dark polish and orange on whatever accent nails you would like to use and let dry.

NOTE: This is how I DID IT. You can either apply the black nail jewels directly to the wet nail polish or apply a strip of top coat where you would like to place the nail jewels. I Found its easier to just apply to the nail polish while it is wet! Either way works!

* Carefully pick up your nail jewel with tweezers or birch wood stick and set it in place {On your still-wet clear coat or nail polish}, press down a bit, and let dry.

Onyx-Brands-Halloween-Nail-Art-Festive-Fall-Beauty-Fashion-Nail-Polish-Nail-Graffiti Onyx-Brands-Halloween-Nail-Art-Nail-Graffiti-Nail-Art-Pens-Beauty-Fashion



& That’s it!! Have Fun!





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