Couture-De-Minnie Nailart By WPP


Loving this fun nail art by WPP-


3 thoughts on “Couture-De-Minnie Nailart By WPP

  1. Onyx Brands, same thing here as my comment on a separate post. This is my work and the version you are using here has my watermark cropped out. Please repost the original with my watermark and credit to me. You can find it on my blog if you search for Couture de Minnie. Thank you!

    • WPP- So so so sorry about all that! Everything has been credited to your wonderful nail site!!! You are very talented nail artist!! Im not sure why parts of your logo was cropped out of some of the images that were on my blog? I could tell you that there was one photo of your art with our watermark. It had just come to my attention per your post! It was a super honest mistake and this must have happened while I was showing my younger sister how to add watermarks in photoshop. Unfortunately this image was uploaded by accident, I didn’t even think it was saved. As you can tell by our website and social media sites we give credit to the artist for their hard work. Hope you accept my apology and we would be more than happy to feature more of your art on our website and social media posts with proper links.


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