**Deals & Steals** Save On Everyday Beauty Products!!!!!!!

If you are looking to save some money on your everyday beauty products you have come to the right place!!! Hoof and Fred Meyer have teamed up to bring you the latest trends in Beauty- from your basic everyday tools to Nail Polish & Nail Pearls!!! Check out the amazing deals happening now!!!


OnyxBrands-Beauty-Nail Pearls-Nailcare-Nails-manicure-hoof-nailpolishOnyxbrands-glamourspot-nails-nailpolish-3D-nailart-manicure-caviar

Glamour Spot
$2.50 Each at Fred Meyer Stores




Vintage Boutique
$1.99 Each at Fred Meyer Stores


Please comment and share for your chance to win any of the products above!!! (Your Choice)
Contest Ends 7/26/13 5PM CDT

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