WORLDS MOST POWERFUL FACIAL!! Lets Talk about how AMAZING my Skin looks!!!!

OK ladies and Gents! I posted a few days ago about how I was going to try out this aspirin facial to see if it will give my skin a Flawless look!!! Well truth is…. I didn’t really stick with the facial! LOL I ended up using this product we had in our office called Bentonite Clay!!! Lets just say this stuff has worked some wonders on my face this week!


Monday and Tuesdays were not good days for me because my face looked disgusting!! Im talking huge zits everywhere!!! So day one of course I tried the Aspirin facial and loved it – my intentions were to do it all week but Day two I came across this clay- What caught my attention was the label read WORLDS MOST POWERFUL FACIAL!! I decided to some research on the net to see what people thought about this product and whether it worked or not!

So I read the instructions to mix with water equal parts- However the internet told me to use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of water- I thought overall Apple Cider Vinegar would be good for my face so I went with that recipe- some other recipes say to add Honey as a moisturizer but I just wanted to try the two ingredients first!  So I mixed a tablespoon of clay with about half a tablespoon of vinegar- yes the instructions say equal parts but in all honestly Its easier to apply with the thicker paste than a watery one! So I prepped my face first by cleaning it good with my Clarisonic and then added the clay mixture over my entire face accept above the eyelids! It takes about 15-20 minutes to fully dry and trust me you can feel it! Afterwards just run some warm water and rinse your face- by this point your skin should feel pretty amazing!!! I’ve used this product for 3 days and my face is cleared up!!! Not sure if Walmart carries this product or not but I know you can order it online or in your local health food stores!!


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