I Heart Asprin Facials!!!!

I Heart Asprin Facials!!!!

Ok so I have a wedding coming up in 19 days!!!! I hate to say it but I’ve been super stressed out and obviously starting my period this week doesn’t help with having my skin looking flawless!!! So I came over a few DIY facials that can save on time and $$$ and decided I should give it a shot.

So its pretty simple- I ran to Walmart bought myself a 97 cent bottle of uncoated aspirin brought it home and placed about 7 in a tiny bowl and added very little water. Most sites will tell you to crush it all up but the pills dissolve pretty quick so I just let it sit there for a minute.

After applying all over my face I waited about 5 minutes till it was completely dry. I then rinsed my face and slowly rubbed it in to exfoliate it just a little bit- and to my surprise my skin felt pretty good afterwards. I’m going to continue this process for the remainder of the week to see if it will help with my breakouts due to my period!!! Will let cha know by Friday how it all goes!! So far I’m giving it two thumbs up!


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